Thursday, February 26, 2009

The beginning of Lent

I'm giving up Wine and Ice Cream for 40 whole days (and that's not even counting Sundays) till Easter! My dear Hubby said he's giving up pickled herring (and he doesn't even LIKE pickled herring)...But I LOVE, love, love my glass of wine around dinnertime or when I get home from work and there is nobody up...I go into the bedroom of my daughter, kiss her, pet the cat and then say and "Ahhh..." Many times by the time I pour that glass of wine it's been and 18+ hour day...and I am a boring ice cream person ("Just vanilla, please") and this bowl in the photo was over the top, with nuts and chocolate sauce....I savored this last celebration with myself. Does ANYONE enjoy that quiet time, just peaceful, and not having to answer any questions or get anything for anyone? I love to page through a magazine or create a scrap page or read a book during that time....What do YOU like to do when the house is quiet?


  1. oh yes, like right now, the family is sound asleep and it's just me.. and the dog curled up next to me.. no tv, no noise....and instead of thumbing a magazine I'm 'thumbing' through my photo blogs and catching up... reading my news online... and trying to unwind after my 4th day in a row of volunteering in kindergarten. I could use a glass of wine! haha!

    I gave up wine a few years ago because of caffeine either... ice cream last year for weight loss.... not sure what's left to give up anymore!

  2. Well Kay I am not sure what I'd give up living in a house with a tea totaller I don't drink unless there is someone here!
    But I do love the quiet time I get when the kids and hubby leave! So first thing in the morning when I have my coffee and read the paper!
    Hope that gives you insight!
    Hugs Ruth in NZ

  3. I like to drink a glass of wine while making dinner -- usually I have the small TV on in the kitchen and I watch MSNBC. My quiet time is in the morning, from 6 to 6:30 -- that's about it!

  4. I LIVE for my quiet time although my oldest gets up earlier and earlier in the morning (mine used to be early mornings). My kids just both fell asleep so I am happily on the computer. Gonna go find a diet coke and a remote control pretty soon! Such nice lighting in your photo!