Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A thousand DOES time pass quickly?!

One reason I haven't been posting too often is that I'm taking a scrapbooking class called Library of Memories...sorting, printing, backing up thousands of photos. Whew! Time passes quickly when you can fly through a whole year of photos in your digi files. But when I get done, I'll have a way to retreive any photo and have them backed up for safe storage...I'm getting a FEW layouts done, along the way....My four categories: people we love, places we go, things we do, and all about us (togetherness). Well, back to sorting 2005!


  1. One of the things I wish I had done was put keywords in my photos. I have them pretty well catagorized by date and subject, but too much depends on my memory.

  2. Oh, I need to take a class like that. Is it online?