Friday, January 30, 2009

Project 365 January

I'm working on a layout for the January collage, for my project 365...and i made a few glitter dots from the jofia devoe swirls along with the Weeds and Wildflowers 365 kit dots...I don't have a journaling block added yet, but I'm almost done, with a few number labels and journaling of half of my january layout....if you want the glitter dots, and a set of the black papers, here is my link, for my digi scrappin friends (for your personal use, not for public sharing):


McDonalds here they come!

Kyra and her Dad sneak off to McDonalds when I am working (usually on choir nights), and this is the collection of little animals. The Dog Motel had a happy meal that came with the cutest box, which is a motor home which ears flap up. The dogs that come in this week's happy meals are really cute! I don't know how, but these collections of stuffed animals just grow and grow! I hate McDonalds, and those two both know it. But even though the food there tastes like cardboard, and everyone agrees, they still go for a quick dinner some nights when I don't have any say about dinner, and I'm working...Aren't these little guys adorable? The dogmobile is a really fun storage place for the animals...If you have a 5-10 year old, the Dog Motel movie is VERY adorable, and just wholesome fun (an adoption story, too!)...go see the movie. I highly reccomend it!

Real Life - Real Work

I thought I better add some real-life photos, too..not just the fun and play! Here I am ready for the operating room, on a day this week, sporting my NEW, adorable breast cancer "bonnet." In the world of hospitals, and boring OR scrubs, there are a few fashions that are fun such as bonnets. I know I look like the Pillsbury Dough Girl, but it's actually a very comfortable way to work...My hubby said "Now, take off your shirt!" and this is the photo he snapped...You have to know Ken, as he's very funny (and sweet)...Just so you don't think that I sew and scrapbook and get my feet massaged, and eat bon bons all day! Off to work I go! bye!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mike and Me

Here I am at work with one of my favorite people: Mike. We've worked together for over 15 years. He's one of those amazing people who works all night, then runs 5 miles when he gets off. He probably looks 20 years younger than he really is. We dispense medications at a huge teaching hospital pharmacy.

Ken Working

Here's a great conversation by a seven year old:
Mom: "Kyra, Don't be a NERD!"
Kid: "What's a nerd, Mom?"
Mom: "Someone who is really smart, and works on a computer all day."
Kid: "Is DAD a Nerd?"
Mom: "Hahahhahahahhaaa! Maybe, but he's a cute nerd."
Ken works at home, and we love it! I'm so lucky to share lunch with him most days...My Dear Hubby.


This is my self portrait, using the Weeds & Wildflowers Project 365 digital kit. This quickpage, minus the bubbles, is really simple. I might use something like this for the cover page of a book at the end of the year. Today, I'm getting a monthly layout together "Jan 2009."
I'm taking an online class, beginning in Feb. called Library of Memories ( It's a challenge to stay organized in the hobby department, but I am being super diligent sorting , storing photos. I guess you could call it my NewYear's resolution.
I got the bad news that my Tameron lense for my digital Cannon rebel is dead. Kyra dropped it and I'm offically looking for a new lense; in the meantime, I'm back up and running in the photo 365 project, with my Mom's camera (In photo).
I'm trying to take everyday photos, not just the special or event-type photos. This library of Memories class categories are "All About Us" "People We Love" "Places We Go" and "Things We Do" so I'm trying to get a balance of photos this year of everyone in the family. I just sent off a huge print order (embarrasingly, I haven't printed any 12x12 inch layouts since June).
Happy picture taking, all of my CDS friends! It's SOOO much fun to see everyone's blogs, and follow the photos of family life!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A TianLi Layout

This was a quickpage from the tian li kit-THANKS, TConlan..these QPs are just wonderful!
My baby on the first night we got her (Memories....)

TangledMess or a CreativeCluster????

For the first time in two months I got to do a little "playing" in my Sewing Shed (A place that I escape to when I want to work on projects and enjoy my garden/weeds in the backyard).

I embroider a bit, and I'm taking a sewing class tomorrow, so I thought I better get out a few things. This is the collection (Mess?) of my embroidery spools. Isn't it a fun collection of color? Buying fabric and thread is kind of like collecting digital scrapbook kits: you cannot ever have too many!

I was making a few pillow cases for little girl gifts and I almost FROZE! My Shed is outside and there are only a few times of the year it's not heatable or air conditionable to comfort (today was one of those days-it was about 20 degrees in GA). I scrapbooked and then sewed, ate lunch with my hubby, and then listened to my daughter's piano lesson and rode bikes with the neighbor girl, made dinner, took kid to choir, looked at the 365 digi kit from Weeds and Wildflowers, then tucked my daughter into bed...It felt good to take a photo and do a few creative things.


Kyra is walking her Grandma's dog, Oscar on a cool winter day. She claims that the dog is half hers. Oscar is a little short in the intelligence department (A wire haird terrier).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is our CandyCat: who lives a great life..

He sleeps on the foot of Kyra's bed. After all,
if it weren't for her crying to bring him home,
from a mountain cabin we visited in TN, the
Candy Cat would still be roaming the mountains.

When "hunting" season is in full swing, one can count on at least one chipmunk or some
type of critter to be brought into the house. We have had everything from woodpeckers to flying
squirrels in the house. We NEVER sit at the kitchen table in bare feet, just in case there is a present from our "hunter" under the table! (Yuck, I agree!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karate Kid or Toothless Wonder ????

Kyra looks like a typical 7 year old now- no front teeth! She was Karate chopping bubbles outside on the driveway, as Mom blew them. It was just hilarious, so I had to get the toothless Karate Kid on film. I didn't know it would be my last photo for a while (snif, snif). Kyra dropped my good camera the next day and the $400 lense might be "toast." I might find a temporary solution, but I'm afraid that I might be out of the photo taking business for a while, thanks to this crazy, wild child.

The kids are back in school: I'm headed to relaxation

It's Tuesday, Jan 8th, and I have not had a day to myself for weeks. I'm sneaking out to have a foot massage. In the ethnic area of town, one can get an hour massage by the Chinese Royal Foot Massage for $25 ("Goodbye Spa Sydell, Hello Buford Highway!"). For an hour, I can sit and have tea, listen to Chinese music, and have my legs and feet soaked, buffed, rubbed and they even include a head massage! Note the wild hairdo in the photo- forgot to straighten it after the massage! Oh, Well, this blog is supposed to be real life, so I'm sure this won't be the first unglamorous photo! I was SO RELAXED. have my own time back during the school hours...after this it was back to reality: clean the den, get the tree out of the house, pack up Christmas decorations, etc....and then go to work for 8 hours (that's the hard part!). Who ARE these women that eat "bon bons" while the children are in school, I wonder?!

Jan 8, 2009

Just a note to say that I'll be out of touch for a week or so. My daughter dropped my camera, so the lense and camera are at the repair shop. I'm totally bummed. Check again near the end of the month. K

Monday, January 5, 2009

Webkinz World at our house

Webkinz is taking over! Kyra plays Webkinz, Dad plays Webkinz, Kyra collects them and I'm SURE she dreams about them too. It's driving me absolutely crazy!!!!

The Toothfairy visit

January 4, 2009

Our first grader came into the bedroom after wiggling that top tooth, that that had been loose for about 3 weeks. Blood EVERYWHERE! Well, that blew our attempt to get back onto an early bedtime schedule that night....So, the REALLY fun part of this Toothfairy thing comes when I pull into the dentist office the next day (I just happened to be driving by and needed to make an appointment). I walk back to the car and tell her that the dentist already KNEW she lost that tooth last night. "That toothfairy must have dropped a note to the dentist or sent her an email when she was in town last night." I thought my daughter's eyes were going to POP out of her head! She ran into the house and told her Dad the dentist knew about her tooth immediately when we got home. Oh, how fun is it to play Santa and the Toothfairy all in the same week...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The manger scene

This handmade, clay manger scene is one of our family treasures. Kyra made it this summer and the background curvy piece has a VERY special angel on it. We hope to add to the "keepsake" as the years go by.

My little "Nester"

This is Kyra being a "slug" as she nests in her big blanket, clicker in hand, and breakfast on tray. Guess what she watches on tv? Cartoons on Saturday morning! Mom and Dad love it, and so does she....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Biker Gal

A new bike and she's off and riding! Go girl! Looks like I might have to rotate the photos...geez, I'm going to bed....

A New Year Smile

It's the first day of the New Year! maybe I haven't quite got the hang of this "blog thing." But I think you get the idea. It is 2am and I'm a bit "fuzzy" after working all night and editing 50 photos! Kyra is the light of my life, and she looks like such a first grader, with her missing top tooth.

Welcome to the 365 days of 2009

Today is the first day of the New Year. We spent the day riding the new bike from Santa with no training wheels! I'm trying to take one photo a day, of daily things we do, special people, places and memories. Watch for more journaling and details as the year begins! Kay (Kyra,Ken & Candycat)