Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Hunting Season

My cat is on the hunt! It's warm and he was out early this morning, hunting for yard 'critters.' we go AGAIN! I just stepped on a mouse head, in my bare feet...the rest of what was left was in my daughter's room....Nothing like a little wildlife to make the springtime more exciting (Not!). He looks so innocent, but Candycat is ferocious with the yard animals. Tune in later to see the most updated list of critters brought in by him...


  1. That Kitty looks far to cute to be the mean slayer you say! We have a half chewed rat if that is any help!
    Yes it is still on the patio! I am not touching it! LOL!
    Hugs Ruth in NZ

  2. Oh, Ruth, don't be a wimp, a dead rat won't bite! hahahahhahaaa!

  3. This cat must be caged when I come to visit.... I am terrified of creepy critters.. alive or dead.