Monday, March 30, 2009

I have completed Kyra's lifebook. This is one of the digital pages that I have created: no paper! It says "Kyra, this is your special story. It tells of you life in China and how you came to live with your forever family. We've created this book for you so that you will know where you came from when you travel through this fantastic journey called LIFE." The group of adoptive parents at are just starting to write the books, so I may stick this page up for a sample. I've really enjoyed the digital scrapbooking, just wish I was better at it (and faster). I bought a charity kit called Tian Li to make it (ok, I scraplifted the idea from a very talented lady RuthAnn). Hurray! I've finished this page!


  1. this page is sooo amazing! Love the sweet pic and the color. Congrats on getting her book done!! I've got to get at my youngest's book this summer!