Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, Happy St. Patrick's Day

The day started out a little unusual. Ken turned off the alarm clock and we all overslept TWO hours! I guess we should not have stayed up and watched that movie last night. Kyra found a baby garden snake in her room, thanks to the "hunter" CandyCat. After Mom carried the little critter out to the trash, we emailed our friend Anthony, who lives in Ireland. We made a quick batch of cupcakes for the class, and off to school she went. This shamrock in the photo is really beautiful in real life...very sparkly, and brilliant. Miss Kyra was making some art this weekend in my artroom. I've got to finish up the stuff for the tax-man (very painful), but I'll survive. Have a great day! Did you see the green fountain on tv at the White House, in Washington DC?


  1. You got up two hours late and STILL had time to bake a batch of cupcakes??? What time do you usually get up?

    I'll have to check out whitehouse.gov and see if the fountain is there!

  2. I am impressed once the children are at school I may whip up a Cake but not until then! LOL!
    Hugs from NZ love Ruth

  3. I agree with JoAnn - you win the prize!! LOVE that shamrock!

  4. I agree with JoAnn too! And I will add that the idea of my kids sleeping late at all is like a little fantasy I have that will never come true!! Very pretty picture.