Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, A wet, rainy day

Weather in Atlanta is just miserable, wet and cold. But the outside weather isn't the only thing WET around my house. My dh is replacing the plumbing for a new bathroom. All of the piping in
"this old house" is gross, so we are doing a new guest bath. Right now it's studs. I live in tools just outside of our kitchen (drives me nuts!)...but I have been through this rennovation thing before, so I'll survive. Last night at 10 pm, he was testing the new pipes, and water came SHOOTING up from one of them, inbetween the walls and onto a light...not a good scene, considering he had been working for 12 hours (under the house, in a muddy crawlspace, and on his knees). Hopefully we'll have the shower plumbing done today, and that will go a little better. I have a toilet and plumbing shower fixtures in my living room, tools in the kitchen, a sink in my guest bedroom (Ugghhhh)...Did I mention my mother in law is coming soon????( Just to make matters a little more stressful). I'll take a photo later today of the mess (oh, I mean "project."hahahha!).

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  1. Kay sounds just like our house without DH doing anywork! Choas rules supreme!
    Hugs from NZ
    Love Ruth