Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is my self portrait, using the Weeds & Wildflowers Project 365 digital kit. This quickpage, minus the bubbles, is really simple. I might use something like this for the cover page of a book at the end of the year. Today, I'm getting a monthly layout together "Jan 2009."
I'm taking an online class, beginning in Feb. called Library of Memories ( It's a challenge to stay organized in the hobby department, but I am being super diligent sorting , storing photos. I guess you could call it my NewYear's resolution.
I got the bad news that my Tameron lense for my digital Cannon rebel is dead. Kyra dropped it and I'm offically looking for a new lense; in the meantime, I'm back up and running in the photo 365 project, with my Mom's camera (In photo).
I'm trying to take everyday photos, not just the special or event-type photos. This library of Memories class categories are "All About Us" "People We Love" "Places We Go" and "Things We Do" so I'm trying to get a balance of photos this year of everyone in the family. I just sent off a huge print order (embarrasingly, I haven't printed any 12x12 inch layouts since June).
Happy picture taking, all of my CDS friends! It's SOOO much fun to see everyone's blogs, and follow the photos of family life!


  1. SO sorry to hear about your lens, Kay!! LL dropped my camera a couple of months ago (it's only a point and shoot, but still wasn't cheap!) and now the lens cover doesn't close at ALL. I suppose it could be worse - it could be stuck in the closed position instead - so at least it's still usable... but I've had to rethink my natural tendency to just hand over the camera when they beg for a turn!!

  2. great page! Love this shot of you.

  3. Just FYI, the Weeds and Wildflowers 365 kit has some blank buttons, the colors of the kit...but I just got the 12x12 layout back from the printer. The buttons are CLEAR at 2 inches round, however, at 3 inches round the edges begin to get rough. It's a GREAT kit, just watch your size on these won't want your print to look jaggedy...