Monday, January 5, 2009

The Toothfairy visit

January 4, 2009

Our first grader came into the bedroom after wiggling that top tooth, that that had been loose for about 3 weeks. Blood EVERYWHERE! Well, that blew our attempt to get back onto an early bedtime schedule that night....So, the REALLY fun part of this Toothfairy thing comes when I pull into the dentist office the next day (I just happened to be driving by and needed to make an appointment). I walk back to the car and tell her that the dentist already KNEW she lost that tooth last night. "That toothfairy must have dropped a note to the dentist or sent her an email when she was in town last night." I thought my daughter's eyes were going to POP out of her head! She ran into the house and told her Dad the dentist knew about her tooth immediately when we got home. Oh, how fun is it to play Santa and the Toothfairy all in the same week...


  1. We had similar themes today!! The toothfairy hit our house last night too!!

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