Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TangledMess or a CreativeCluster????

For the first time in two months I got to do a little "playing" in my Sewing Shed (A place that I escape to when I want to work on projects and enjoy my garden/weeds in the backyard).

I embroider a bit, and I'm taking a sewing class tomorrow, so I thought I better get out a few things. This is the collection (Mess?) of my embroidery spools. Isn't it a fun collection of color? Buying fabric and thread is kind of like collecting digital scrapbook kits: you cannot ever have too many!

I was making a few pillow cases for little girl gifts and I almost FROZE! My Shed is outside and there are only a few times of the year it's not heatable or air conditionable to comfort (today was one of those days-it was about 20 degrees in GA). I scrapbooked and then sewed, ate lunch with my hubby, and then listened to my daughter's piano lesson and rode bikes with the neighbor girl, made dinner, took kid to choir, looked at the 365 digi kit from Weeds and Wildflowers, then tucked my daughter into bed...It felt good to take a photo and do a few creative things.


  1. This is a great photo! I love the colors and how you shot it from the top. I used to sew a lot so definitely understand how you feel about thread and fabric, another addiction, lol, which I've now replaced with pixels and paper.

  2. Love this photp, Kay. The bright colors are so much fun!

  3. Beautiful color and pattern. Very creative.