Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is our CandyCat: who lives a great life..

He sleeps on the foot of Kyra's bed. After all,
if it weren't for her crying to bring him home,
from a mountain cabin we visited in TN, the
Candy Cat would still be roaming the mountains.

When "hunting" season is in full swing, one can count on at least one chipmunk or some
type of critter to be brought into the house. We have had everything from woodpeckers to flying
squirrels in the house. We NEVER sit at the kitchen table in bare feet, just in case there is a present from our "hunter" under the table! (Yuck, I agree!)


  1. oh wow....the "hunting" fun!!! love the cute picture!!!

  2. LOL - I love "hunting" cats!! At least they try to bring home the bacon :)
    It's a gorgeous photo too - beautiful cat!!

  3. Beautiful cat!! I love the hunting comment, ours are indoor cats, never caught anything bigger than a spider but they sure do love to chase the bed mice!

  4. Sounds like this cat brings a lot of excitement to your house! So can we expect exciting hunting shots in the future? flying squirrels?

  5. Candy Cat sure looks contented here! He's very handsome.

  6. Candy is a sweetie! He is a bit unusual, other than the hunting, he drools (Like a DOG!) when he purrs.

  7. What memories this cat brings! I remember feeding him eggs at the cabin and then seeing you on the side of the road trying to control a cat in your car. He is quite the character.